About Us

The company was established in 2010 by a team of professionals with deep expertise and
technical skills in international trading of crude and crude oil products.

The main line of business of the “IPEK” Group is the supply of petroleum and petroleum products to buyers all over the world.

In 2013, we started to diversify our business interests. Apart from the main business line, the Group is also dynamically developing oil production and refining, the export of petroleum and petroleum products, oil waste utilization and recycling and the construction of objects designed for the oil and gas industries.
Our industries

Largest delivery and direction options

One of the areas of excellence of the Group is logistics (delivery from a producer to an end user), it secures the best transportation and transshipment of services and delivery of products.

Our effective logistics helps our clients to minimize time and financial expenses on the delivery of petroleum products. Our services range from a wholesale supply of petroleum and petroleum products to waste utilization and the recycling secondary raw materials.

Business scale

Our Key Figures





0.2bln $

Yearly Turnover
We harness our market-leading technical expertise to offer a full suite of products and services,
designed to help your vision become a thriving reality.

The exploration and development of advanced technologies

The Group invests in the exploration of new ways to refine and produce oil, implements the use of the newest equipment available ensuring greater efficiency, and keeps seeking innovations.

The purpose of the project is to find innovative solutions for existing and newly established business areas.

We are always open for cooperation
and new interesting proposals.